IAMSAR manual provides guidelines for a common aviation and maritime approach to organizing and providing search and rescue (SAR) services. Each volume can be used as a standalone document or, in conjunction with the other two volumes

IAMSAR manual is divided into three volumes :

  • Volume I, Organization and Management ; deals with the meaning of international, regional and national Search and Rescue activities and intergovernmental cooperation in order to achieve well-functioning and cost-effective SAR work.
  • Volume II, Mission Coordination; provides guidelines for the planning and implementation of rescue operations and exercises.
  • Volume III, Mobile Facilities; equipments must be carried on board by all vehicles that can undertake search or rescue tasks.
IAMSAR 2022 edition, vol.1
( Organization and Management )
IAMSAR 2022 edition, vol.2
( Mission Coordination )
IAMSAR 2022 edition, vol.3
( Mobile Facilities )


  • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
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